What will College life be like? The best years of your life

It’s that time of the year where every high school graduate is done with their exams and are waiting for their results to be released. Along with the intimidating results, they are also waiting for the ‘College life’ ahead.

College life will be a roller coaster ride!

“College life is that part of your life which you are going to relive in your memories till you breathe.”

It is a lot different than school life; you need to kiss your high school days goodbye and step into the struggles of the real world. Remember how easy it was to have fun with your friends and prepare for the exams at the same time? In college, you either get to do one of these at one time and if you strike a balance a between them then at the end of 4 years you will have a heart full of memories and a job in your hand. But it isn’t as easy it sounds.

A college is a place where you get to explore all the different things in life. You are free to do whatever you want, but at the same time, you shouldn’t do something that will cost you a fortune. It is the place where you start building yourself towards your career. College gives you ample time to decide what you want to do at the end of 4 years. That is when you experiment so many things and end up picking one of them.

It is that phase of your life which will offer you zillion opportunities to improve and build yourself. You get to participate in many events, manage fests, participate in various projects, and find your true self. In the process of doing all these, you will meet your friends for life. You are going to spend the whole day with them. Your day begins with them rushing into your room and waking you up for the 9 A.M. class and your day ends when you sleep on each other’s bed after two bowls of Maggi and a horror movie.

college friends

The one advice which I want to emphasize is “Choose your friends wisely!” These people will either make you or break you. If you get into a wrong bunch of people, there are high chances that you might be spoilt over time. But if you choose the right group of friends you might end up finding a million-dollar company with them. That’s how impactful your company should be.

In school, you knew every person in the class, but in college, you barely know 4-5 people. You get to meet like-minded people in college.

You get to meet people from diverse backgrounds,

Imagine sitting in a class from people all over the country. Some being from the north, some from the south and people from the east and then west. You get to meet people with diverse views and different ideologies. The moment you start opening up to people around you, you learn a lot more than you know.  Being a south Indian, when I interacted with my friends who are from the north, I came to see a lot more about their way of celebrating festivals. There is much difference in their way of living compared to mine. I found it very intriguing and was loving whatever I was learning every day. The best part is that even though they are from different places, you still find people who think like you. These people are the elements that will make your life enjoyable.

It’s all about moving places, managing time & money, and facing challenges‚Ķ

It will be the first time you will be moving out of your home, your state to a different place. A place filled with intimidating and exciting people. You might enjoy the fact of getting freedom, but deep down, you will remember those happy moments at home eating your mom’s food at the dinner table. So brace yourself for the challenges ahead because there won’t be anyone helping you. You start valuing every little thing.

doing dishes in college
Sadly you have to do your dishes.

It’s been a year since I’ve been living in a hostel and I’ve become responsible for so many things. Every time I cook something in the electric kettle I had to wash all the utensils, I was aware of the number of clothes I used in a week so that I don’t collect a huge pile of dirty clothes fortnightly. I controlled my expenses on unnecessary items, and I had to cut down a lot of things. I missed the ease of living I had at home, but I knew these little things are going to make me a better person.

You will face frustration, depression, and anxiety…

It’s true that you are going to face a lot of perplexities during your time at college. Sometimes you will feel too low that you can’t even express your grief. I’m not scaring you but this the harsh truth and we all have to accept it. Let me warn you, also though you are excited about the college you are going to have something called “First semester blues.”

The first semester is going to be very hard if you don’t find a proper senior who can guide you. So the first thing I would suggest is to find a good mentor so that he/she can guide you on how to study for exams and complete your assignments on time.

My first semester was the worst experience of my life; I almost gave up all the hopes for the rest of the semesters. Depression hit me hard because I couldn’t complete the syllabus before my exams. I used to cry under my pillows, hoping all of this was a dream, and staying away from home made it more difficult for me to face my issues.
Right before one week of my end semester examination, I called my dad and cried a river because I couldn’t bear all the pressure inside me. I regretted that I didn’t tell him this earlier so whenever you go through any mental pain, please inform your parents or your friend or talk to a consultant. Don’t go through it alone; you deserve to live a happy and optimistic life.

Here are some advices that I gained from all the mistakes I’ve made in my first year:

1. Had very less interaction with seniors

Please try to have a good interaction with your seniors. They have gone through the difficulties, and they know how to face them, you need to ask for their help. Ragging is illegal in almost every college now; you don’t have to be scared of them. All they are going to ask is your introduction and hobbies. Everybody is here to help each other.

2. Not maintaing proper notes and not revising the lectures every weekend.

Yeah, I get it that you are in college not in school but maintaining a proper copy of notes is very much important. Don’t neglect this because your records are going to be your savior in the last moment. Imagine you open the textbook, and you don’t know where to start, you have no clue about the points which are on the exam just because you didn’t note it down.

You don’t have to study all day, just 1-2 hours a day to revise your notes will help you ace your exam at the end peacefully. Or you can parallelly work on your skills almost every day and then review your course lectures during the weekend.

3. Not interacting with my professors

College professors can teach and introduce you to a lot of stuff of which you have no idea. Get to know about your professors’ research topics and pick up a project in their domain so that they can guide you. It will expand your knowledge and also help you make your CV look better.

learn and interact with the professors
Never neglect your concepts

4. Cramming things blindly and not knowing the concepts

Sometimes people start cramming out of anxiety so that they can pass the test. I’ve done a lot of this and have suffered in the end. When I was supposed to give my viva or perform a lab experiment, it was difficult for me to do it. And I ended up losing marks. So in the second semester, I was up to date with almost all the lectures and had all the concepts as clear as possible. The results were visible; my grades were a lot better than my first semester grades. So always keep your concepts clear!


Maths is the most critical subject in engineering. You should never oversee it. Practice maths as many times as possible, the benefits of solving maths can do you wonders. Almost in all colleges, they are going to teach you Algebra, which is a crucial part. Even if you miss a class, everything will seem greek and Latin to you in the next lecture. Following the course and revising, are the key to a good score in math.

algebra in college

To sum up,

You will live your life much more than you have lived yet in the upcoming college years.

College Friendships mostly last lifelong, and you create most memories in your college life, so make sure you live these years to the fullest.

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