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My Intriguing Encounter With Hostel Life!


Hostel life is among the most thrilling and adventurous experience in life. I still remember the day I entered Guwahati and was traveling towards my campus; my soul was waiting for a new turn in my life. It was the first time in the past 18 years that I came out of my hometown, all the way from south to the northeast, to study and explore different things and also to live under a roof with a stranger without my parents.

Awaiting for a new phase ahead…

Remembering the 1st day of my hostel while I completed my 1st year of engineering just a week ago runs complex emotions inside me. That day was unforgettable, after a long 6-hour flight journey struggling with the massive amount of luggage, everything seemed perplexed while I entered the campus with my dad. The college wasn’t very welcoming. Since the campus was recently constructed, the roads were lopsided and crooked, we struggled with carrying the luggage to the hostel. We left my luggage near the guards and went to the administrator to fill out the registration form, which was another tedious task that tired me even more. We strolled back to my hostel after the whole process of registration and then I got a room allotted.

hostel roommates

It wasn’t surprising that there were fewer girls in our batch, but the most surprising thing was that only two girls joined before me in a batch size of 200. I was startled. Well presently there are seven girls in the whole batch of 200 (the worst gender ratio you can ever experience) I’ve been through co-ed schooling but facing a batch size 200 along with six other girls is very gruesome. It was bizarre to encounter such an immense strength. But we all went through it, and we are pretty much comfortable in the class now.

The gender ratio is a massive problem in engineering colleges, after witnessing such a lousy rate our institute has put up a quota for girls for the following year. So it is a piece of good news that 30-40 seats out of 200 are reserved for girls. I’ll hopefully see many girls on the campus next year.

The feeling of loneliness.

The first day I had no roommate (since the rule was two girls per room). I was left alone with my luggage in an empty, and my dad went out to stay in a hotel nearby. Trust me I had a strange feeling that night, at that point, there was a massive change in my life. The thought of staying away far away from home intimidated me. Deep inside, I was hoping all of this to be a dream, but I knew that I couldn’t change the reality so I decided to live independently and bravely (a hard choice I must say).

The next day, due to some unknown consequences, I had to shift to another room with one of the girls who joined before. And that’s how I met my first roommate, which felt weird as I am that kind of person who likes to spend my time > we time and having a roommate would force me to have some social interaction (introvert for life!). The first day we had essential talking like where are you from? How is your hometown like? Your expectations and views about college and stuff like these. It felt, but I did give a shot to come out of my introvert zone.

hostel food realised I missed home

The worst thing about the hostel was the ‘mess food,’ I mean how can something suck so badly. As expected the food wasn’t nutritious and tasty; instead, it tasted dry and tasteless. Then I understood the importance and love of home food #epiphany.

I started attending the induction program the very next day. I was pretty much excited to meet all of my batchmates. But right before the class, my dad was leaving to catch a flight back home. Bidding him goodbye was the saddest part. My dad has always been a constant support in my life, and staying apart from him will be very difficult for me to face all my problems alone.

Hostel life does teach you a lot.

Slowly I realized how important and safe staying at home feel, but I also understood that staying away will make me even stronger and better. How long can a person remain behind you and push you along every obstacle? The experience of staying in a hostel for a year has brought a lot of changes in me. I’ve learnt to adjust to a lot of things. I learnt a bit of money management too. The funniest yet the most important part I’ve learnt to wash my clothes and utensils(such a tiresome part) even though I hate it. It has brought discipline and a sense of responsibility in my life.

going home from hostel felt like vacation

These are a few of the best things that happened in my hostel life:

1. You don’t need to be sitting in a stadium to feel the heat of the match. All you need is a bunch of friends and a laptop on the bed.

2. Don’t have a dress for the fest? Is your Kohl missing? Or are you done with your toothpaste? Don’t worry, your friends have got you covered. Family members are meant to share everything.

3. After eating the hostel food for a year, I feel that I am immune to any meal. I’ve learnt to digest pretty much anything.

4. Hostel made me a night owl. Now I can pull out all-nighters effortlessly.

5. You have a jugaad for everything. Is the bathroom too crowded? No problem! Open the camera of your laptop.

6. Hungry at 3 A.M.? Your Maggi squad is right next door with a carton of cranberry juice.

7. When you stay with your friends all the time, you get along very smoothly. They stand for you at any time.


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