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10 Best Things You Must Have In Your Hostel Room

Hostel life is among the most thrilling and adventurous experience in life. It will be the first time in the past 18-19 years that you will be coming out of your hometown for studying. You will explore different things and also get to live under a roof with a stranger.

You can equip your hostel room with many things that will make your struggle easier. We believe that you need to invest in products which will help you. So that when you lie down every night on your bed, exhausted and staring at the roof missing the walls of your room back home. You might find comfort in your hostel room if you try to imitate the same contents around you.

Your college must be having a large campus, that implies that you will have to travel miles to get quality stuff for your room(since most of the top colleges are located on outskirts of cities).

Though few shops are available inside the campus, you rarely find quality products there. And if you find them then congratulations.! We don’t generally see that! So I recommend you to buy the stuff you need online and get your things delivered at your doorstep.

Here are some things you must have in your hostel room:

I am not suggesting the trivial things which you already know. But the products which you will need, even though you might not understand their importance at first. But once you start facing trouble, they will come handy.

1)Special Mosquito Net:

The lush green campuses which look so lively in the day is the habitat of the incredible number of insects. No matter how many windows you keep close, they will always find a way to enter your room at night and make your life hell.

You must have the traditional mosquito net with you. Trust me; you will throw it out in a week or so because it becomes so irritating to get in and out of it of the net. But what if mosquitos find a way inside?

Here is the solution:

Window Mosquito Net (4ft, Black)

You will definitely bless me after installing this in your room!

 2) Small water cooler :

It is never advisable that you remain thirsty just because you are too lazy to go to the watercooler and refill your water bottles.

You will be sharing your room with your fellow students, and it is obvious that the bottles in the room will always remain empty. So it is a must to have a small watercooler in your room. It will make your life much easy and you will never go to bed thirsty.

If I have to buy a new one for my room I would have bought this one –

Cello Fountain Plastic Water Carrier, 5 litres

3) Extension Cord:

I will never understand why the college administrations give only one socket per student. What if a student wants to charge his/her laptop and phone simultaneously and what if he/she wants to cook Maggie too?

What will he/she do in that case?

Many times you require more than one number of sockets, and having just one socket won’t do your job. In that case, an extension cord can help you a lot. I always have something, or the other plugged in the extension cord at my room. I can’t imagine my life without it.

Here’s the one I am using, and I recommend it to you too-

Anchor by Panasonic Spike Guard 4-Way Socket with Single Switch (White)

 4) Serving Spoon & Electric Kettle :

When you cook Maggie for yourself in the electric kettle, you realize that its very difficult to stir it because of the steam blowing out of the kettle.

Then comes a savior named ‘Serving Spoon,’ who will protect you from burning yourself.

If you think you will be able to stir it with an ordinary spoon. God Bless You! because that is an incredible talent. Most probably you will end up shaking the vessel to mix it which doesn’t work well, and your Maggie makes friendship with the base of the kettle and sticks to it until mister ‘Vim’ kicks in.

You will surely find a spare serving spoon in your mom’s cutlery, so need not spend any extra penny on that.

If you haven’t purchased an electric kettle yet,

Get the one below for yourself! I have personally tried cooking Maggie in every type of electric kettle, and this is the one I strongly recommend. Easy to cook, easy to wash.

Pigeon by Stovekraft Kessel 1.2-Litre Multi-Purpose Kettle (Silver) 1350W, Black

5) Laundry Bag:

You won’t realize its requirement until you start living in a hostel.

It is apparent that you won’t be doing your laundry every day and will put aside all your dirty clothes for a weekend or a holiday but wait! What part of your room is this ‘aside’?

You can’t stuff all your dirty clothes on the chair or in the cupboard because that will cover up space and make it look untidy. So a laundry bag is a must. The one I’m recommending is foldable, reliable and its color is good enough not to get spoilt.

Laundry Basket with Lid (Drawstring Closure), 42 Litre

6) Multipurpose Boxes:

Whether it’s your washing powder or your midnight savior snacks, all you need to do protect them from moisture. These boxes will help you a lot in storing eatables, and also I will highly recommend using one of them to keep your washing powder because people neglect it first and later realize they’ve made a mistake.

I use the below ones, and this has solved all my purposes:

Milton Storex New Containers, Set of 3 (1000ml)

7) Coffee Mug

Your college mess will be providing you with the steel glasses or trying to kill you with the plastic ones. Having coffee, milk, even tea in your coffee mug gives a whole new level of feeling and comfort. Many times you will be carrying your cup to the messy mess, with bornvita in it, to get the morning milk. So you need a proper mug to hold the right amount of liquid in it.

Here are some great choices for coffee mugs:

For minion lovers:

For G.O.T fans:

For ambitious people:

For engineers:

8) Hangers:

You might have decided to fold up all your clothes properly and then keep them in your cupboard, and you will be successful doing it for a week. But we all know as the time passes the number of times you fold your clothes will become lesser and lesser. You will end up spoiling all the things in your cupboard.

Also when you fold up and keep the clothes which you have worn once or twice already, they become shabby and stingy.

To keep your clothes tidy you must have hangers, and it is super easy to manage clothes if you have hangers with you.

I put up all my clothes using hangers because I am too lazy to fold them up every time, and they will never stink if I hang them properly.

Here are some of my choices of hangers :

You can have one pack of these–>

Steel Cloth Hanger, Pack of 12

(For everything)

And one of these :

Stainless Steel Multitier Hanger, Silver

(To hold all your trousers, Pj’s, bedsheets, etc.)

Pack of 12 will not be too many because your winter pullovers and jackets will occupy 3-4.

9) Grooming kit bag:

Most probably you will be having shared washrooms and becomes challenging to carry all your grooming items to the restroom, so I recommend you buy a kit bag. Also, you don’t easily find a clean place to keep your toothbrush, so it becomes a significant thing.

You can have a Park Avenue kit over here –>

Park Avenue Good Grooming Kit For Men (Combo Of 8)

Or the Himalaya everyday essential kit here –>

Himalaya Everyday Essential Kit (Combo Of 6)


10) Pencil Holder:

It is an essential thing on my table.

I won’t be able to keep my table tidy if I don’t have this with me.

Its name is Pencil holder, but it holds all the essential small things which are most likely to get lost if not taken proper care for, e.g., pen drives, keys, coins, and stationery. You will always miss your stationery items if you don’t have this with you.

I will recommend you to buy this one because it looks cool and it’s a one-time investment. It will remain with me at least for most of my college phase so its worth investing in it. –>

Pen Pencil Clip Holder

Hope you liked my recommendations. If you are starting out,  I wish you all the best for your college life ahead.

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