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6 Amazing Fashion Styles to Rock your Freshers Party! (Men)

Freshers party is all about fun performances by seniors and classmates, games which made getting to know each other more comfortable, some delectable snacks and good music, either in a classroom or at the college auditorium. But nowadays Seniors book a venue outside the campus- from lounges to hotel banquet halls- and hire professional DJs to welcome their juniors in style.

Freshers are all about having fun!

Fresher’s party is a once in a lifetime fun (unless you take a drop :P) and you have to shine among your peers to win the Mr.Fresher crown. You have to be able to entertain people. You can be good at dancing or singing or stand up comedy or any other talent to win the crown. But along with this, you have to be very presentable so that when you win the title, it will match the dress you were.

Do you have a little less fashion sense than any other student just because you were too busy studying the past two years? You must’ve missed out on the fantastic current fashion trends that are going on.
Well, you don’t have to worry about it anymore! Here are some fantastic trends which we have clubbed in one place so that you can choose among them.

Here are the top 6 fashion styles we have assorted for you so that your Freshers is hassle-free:


It is the most usual but very trendy style.

Choose a t-shirt of your choice along with a shirt that goes with it. Pair this with the best pair of jeans you’ve got.

For the footwear go with sneakers or leather loafers because they just fit perfectly. 

If you are confused about which shirt to choose, then, we suggest you either opt stripes or plaid because they always work!
Messy, but hot!

You can get it on Amazon using this link


Striped shirt- BUY HERE!


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 Everyone loves the classics. Full of charm and classy to look at! Boosts your confidence in an instant! A white, well-fitted shirt with a white sneaker and paired up with a pair of black/blue/striped pants. You can accessorize it with a good pair of shades, and a watch is the perfect fit for the outfit. Do not hesitate to play around with black and white 😉

You can get it on Amazon!


White Shirt – BUY HERE!


Classics Freshers Party                Classics Freshers 2


Probably what luxurious wear almost every day. It has the expensive look, and it just makes you feel classy. No one can ever go wrong with this because it is pure Luxury.

Here is a link to buy it on amazon:

Black T-Shirt – BUY HERE!

BB Freshers 1



If you want to go for something more formal, pick the blazer or a vest. Make sure you find one which fits you well — sophisticated and sexy. We recommend you to visit the store to find the best color and fit. This is literally the go-to outfit for every Freshers party!

Blazer Freshers


For someone who loves the idea of vintage, this look is perfect for you. Rock this 90’s look with confidence. Carry a charming smile.

Here is a fantastic set of suspenders on amazon!


Suspenders- BUY HERE!


Vintage Freshers 1                                                   Vintage freshers 2


  1. Color.

If you want to be bold and add a Lil bit of color, stick to subtle hues of your preferred colors. Bright colors might make you look stupid if you can’t carry it with confidence. Stay SUBTLE. You can be the star of Freshers trust me!

Color freshers 1                                            Color freshers 2

The most important of all ACCESSORIES!

A guide to a few long-term accessories which will enhance your style,

A Black Fossil Watch – BUY HERE!

Black fossil


A pair of amazing sunglasses – BUY HERE!




A pair of white sneakers- BUY HERE!



A pair of Black Sneakers –BUY HERE!



A pair of formal shoes for the classic look-BUY HERE!


formal shoes


Accessories are as necessary as your outfit. It gives the finish to whatever you put together. Make sure you prepare for the Freshers beforehand and provide individual attention to your skin and body. Hit the gym and tone your body. It makes a significant difference in everything. Remember, all you wanna be is confident and enjoy being in your own skin at the end of the day.
We hope you liked this article. If you did, share it with your friends and encourage them to step up their game.

Written By K.SANJANA REDDY, Sophomore Fashion Student at Hamstech(Hyderabad)




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