Discovering a new family far away from home…

The Beginning

On 1st August, I came to know that I got the ECE branch at IIIT GUWAHATI. I was very excited and worried at the same time about it because Guwahati is a very far city from my home, Jodhpur.
However, my father and I managed to reach IIIT Guwahati at the correct time of allotment. As soon as I reached Guwahati, I was mesmerized by its beauty. It seemed like a beautiful and happy place. I could sense the freshness in everything – air, water, mind, and soul.

Soon I enrolled myself and got a room in the hostel. It was a beautiful but tiny room (with a bunker bed). It was for the first time that I ever lived far away from home in a hostel. It was a completely distinct feeling. I came across some peculiar and strange people. I’m sure you all must have had the same opinions, didn’t you?

Meeting new people

Initially, we had an induction/introduction program in which they introduced us to the college, ohh sorry, not college – ‘institute'(that’s how we were instructed to call it). We had an interaction with some of the clubs of the institute and different bodies (like E-Cell and the student Gymkhana council). We also met some people from various domains of our society. As the classes started, everyone got busy with their studies, but more than that, they were active in extra-curricular activities that were going on in the clubs.

I joined the drama club and a technical club, just like the way the whole batch did. We just started looking around the campus and the activities, but suddenly quiz and mid-sem exams began threatening us. Like many other students, I realized that I should start studying. Now we started studying or pretended as we were studying.

Finding a new ‘ Family ‘

It was a tough time, maybe only for me or for the whole batch. We were baffled and worried about everything. It was that time where everyone was interacting with each other, understanding about college life, and some of us falling in love (or just getting attracted). And then just like every exam, we were fucked up. Everything felt fucked. Now we had the feeling that college life here is shit.
Even though it was a new, different, and fantastic experience, I enjoyed this whole thing differently.


Now, ‘friends’ were becoming ‘family’, an essential part of each other’s daily routine. I got a few perfect friends and a female friend (not a girlfriend). Btw some of us got some more than a friend like a girlfriend, but I got good and caring friends (no gender discrimination). During this time, we had many events and a lot of other things which brought all of us closer. Now everything was fun, late-night chilling with friends, bunking lectures, and going to the class to see our crushes. And yes, like every other college, our institute organized a FRESHERS event which was lit and enjoyable.


It was the first time I celebrated Diwali far from home, but since we are engineers, we can make everything funny. We did everything which was prohibited in the hostel. My first hostel Diwali was not complete without my family, so what? I’ve also got a family here.

Like everyone else, I started exploring myself and discover a new version of me, which was way different from the old one. I came across my new hidden talent, and my point of view towards life has
changed since then.

Finally, the ‘Exam’ stress

Everything was going well and joyful, and the end-sem examinations came around, and as usual, it started scaring us. We started trying to study; now we were wasting our time in the library, staying awake up till 2-3 AM. With the stress of exams, we started planning our winter vacations and were more excited by the thought of going back home and having fun rather than caring about the end-sem result. We gave our end sem paper (don’t dare to ask about it), and I’d rather not talk about it.



Making new memories

The first semester ended; the first phase of our engineering life came to an end. Everyone started going home, leaving a new family, a new home, shitty mess food but carrying a whole load of beautiful memories and some new experiences. Everyone is going to miss all of these things. And here I am penning down all the thoughts I had about this semester, sitting in the train thinking about this long or maybe a short period of four months.

I hope you had fun reading this! Enjoy your vacation!

Here is a poem I’ve written that is inspired by the first semester I’ve spent in the college!

Post was written by,

Sanjay Singh

Sanjay Singh Solanki

Freshman at IIITG


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